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Western Tranquillitatis

January 12, 2004

Image Credit: Giorgio Mengoli (10" SCT)

Western Tranquillitatis

This magnificent photo of nearly all of the western half of Mare Tranquillitatis reveals enough fascinating landforms to fill a textbook. The left side of the mare lavas embay ridges of ejecta from the Imbrium-forming impact. Around most of the western shore of the mare is a series of rilles that formed as the weight of Tranquillitatis' lavas caused the center of the basin to subside, making cracks at its edges. This remarkable image also shows the surface roughness of the volcanic domes north and west of the crater Arago, and the ridges that form the mysterious submerged feature called Lamont. Northeast of Lamont is an abrupt tonal boundary that doesn't seem to correspond to any morphologic feature. What a strange Moon!

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